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IMMEDIATELY Boost your vertical jump by 9 to 15+ inches in just under 8 weeks with the world's top jump training program."

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    Results In Higher Vertical Jumps!

    Tips On How To Jump Higher

    There isn't a single surefire way to jump higher in basketball. People have their own methods. Some work on specific leg muscles with exercises, while others aim to get more explosive and powerful. What works best depends on the individual.

    • Leg Press

    • Leg Extensions

    • Step-ups

    • Leg Curls

    • Lounges

    • Stair Climber

    • Bike

    • Calf Raises

    • Glute Bridge

    You CAN Dunk...

    What kind of life would you have if you could effortlessly slam down dunks whenever you wanted?

    Would you at last land that starting position on your team?

    When the game is on the line, perhaps you'd be the superstar who always gets the rock.

    Imagine your school or perhaps the entire town seeing you slam down MASSIVE dunks during games.

    Imagine being mentioned in videos posted on Facebook and Instagram...

    Imagine being noticed by countrywide college scouts...

    Customer Review

    “After Only 4 Weeks Of Vert Shock I Had My First Dunk EVER


    — Andreas R.
    Germany · Vert Shock Member

    Customer Review

    "Using Vert Shock I went from nothing to dunking in only 7 weeks

    — Joe Morales
    Gilbert, Arizona · Vert Shock Member

    Customer Review

    “I'm just a regular guy and could WINDMILL after only 6 weeks of Vert Shock!”

    — Julian Agurcia
    Rolle, Switzerland · Vert Shock Member

    Customer Review

    “Thanks Vert Shock! Check out my Dunk in a game on a defender.”

    — Joshua White

    North Carolina, USA · Vert Shock Member

    100% REAL results from real people just like you…

    Vertshock is specifically made to optimize athletic potential. By emphasizing three essential elements—speed, explosive power, and vertical jump. Athletes of all ages can exercise in the horizontal plane with loads applied to particular body parts thanks to Vertishocks cutting-edge resistance technology, which produces remarkable increases in athletic performance.

    This isn't one of those useless jump tutorials again. This program is exclusive for individuals who truly Desire To Jump Higher!


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